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The other night I saw a star.

I smiled to myself with the thought of you

My eyes fluttered with a sparkle

and at that moment I squinted & wished

that you weren’t so far.

The feeling it gave my effervescent heart was one of,

‘It’s going to be ok’

and that you still had my back.

The distance created

is not a malicious one.

Our journeys are bigger, busier


our travels will never be done.

You go your way.

I go mine.

Our stars will never leave the night sky.

~hearts intertwined~


Every time I look up, there will be a special

light in my eyes,

sorting through those ‘beginning time’ memories


I will pack them all tighter in our luggage,

slap on a sticker that says  BELIEVE !

So many to choose from

and not all perfect

yet each that I hold in my open hand is blanketed

by a robe of blue satin,

a robe of respect.

Even bad times brought blessed divine intervention.

Funny how we always had that connection!

You are always so resilient, brave, and strong

for me

for you

for others.

Every time I found 1,000 reasons to leave

you found 1,001 as to why I belong…

…there’s that star again,

shiny as a new dime winking with a smile

each time.

God’s like that you know


Put’s people in,

takes people out of our lives.

Yes He does.

At that time we may not realize


God makes no mistakes

God never lies.


we shadow dance in the dark sky.

Me here.

You there.

We embrace & lock eyes

dancing like the B&W iconic duo,

Ginger Rogers & Fred Astaire.

Stars will forever and for always

last an eternity long.

The moon will be full, deep, and warm.

I will tenderly carve your name


that hot moonlight.

Every so often I would love for you to look up into the galaxy,

read the stars,

touch the moon


trace your identity…

Your life.


Inhale all your blessings in one immense deep breath,

lay them on your rhythmic heart

and I will place my hand

ever so gentle


On your vast blue sky

Your spirited sunlight

Your bright sparkly stars

Your robust moon

Carry on my Love…

Live your dreams!

You will never be far.

You are

the suitcase


I will never lose.