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The calmest breeze swirling around my knees
The coziest couch
The perfect taste of tepid tea
The soporific duvet pillow
The mouth watering dinner
The decadent chocolate
The incessant passionate kiss
The window that is always open
The amenable door that never shuts
The mother’s love that never leaves
The shiniest silver qualities
The flawless jewel
The honest crying weeping willow tree
The bluest sky that fill my eyes
The completed piece of art for all to see
The music that keeps me company
The calm during a torrential storm
The scented love I have for the ocean
The exception to every rule
The silence I can hear
The warmest hug
The innocence on the breath of a baby boy
The closest distant friend who is never far
The miracle in having a loving family
The impeccably aged driftwood
The brightest stars aligned exactly
The Prussian moon I so admire
The black crow that forever flys nearby whimsically
The rainbow of paint that stains my skin
The very fact I wouldn’t have it any other way
The golden chest I found at the bottom of the sea
The beauty in all of God’s creatures great & small

…these tiny blessings & so much more


The treasures that will forever surround me



ieneke ☮